Reporting Updates

We know, reporting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t really think anyone decided to join YPR or start a chapter to fill out forms and help collect data. But it’s VITAL to the movement and our organization as we continue to push YPR to higher levels of excellence than we ever thought possible. Because of everyone’s hard work, we are on the precipice of achieving more than I think anyone has ever thought possible.

For a couple of years now, you have helped us grow and impact more communities across the country, and you have all been integral in bringing substance use disorder into the forefront of public health discussion on the local, state and national levels. We know you all have been, and are consistently, crushing it when it comes to grassroots advocacy and workshop facilitation.

Now we’re asking you to help us prove it to the rest of the world.

Now, more than ever, it’s time for everyone, chapter members, leaders and coordinators, to come together and assist in collecting data in multiple formats. We’ve updated a few forms on and in order to make this all possible. Some serious data points that we’d like to push are constituency, events, and workshop feedback.

Every chapter leader, including existing leads, should register here. Whenever a new lead is brought into a core team, please direct them to register online. If you and your team haven’t already registered using the new forms, please take a minute to do so now. This applies to members as well, or anyone who dedicates themselves to volunteering with the chapter whenever they can! Members can register here. Both registration forms can be found at by navigating to the “Get Involved” menu bar, and selecting the appropriate option. We’re relying on you to help us accurately record what our epic constituency looks like!

Events are also of MASSIVE importance to track! Our insurance company has asked us to be aware of all upcoming events in order to make sure that, in the event of an unfortunate circumstance, everyone from event attendees, chapter leaders and members, and the national organization, is covered. Reporting on upcoming events also allows our team to help promote the event by posting it on our national events map at! After every event, we also need each chapter to submit a report detailing event attendance and any wins that you’d like to brag about! Both forms can be found in the menu bar of

Lastly, we need your help in recording who we’re helping! The workshop feedback survey, on helps us identify who is benefitting from our workshops, and how they’re benefitting. WE NEED YOUR HELP IN MAKING SURE EVERY WORKSHOP ATTENDEE FILLS ONE OUT!!! The feedback form is split into two sections, and should be started at the beginning of each workshop and completed at the end of each workshop. There are also printable forms next to each workshop presentation on YPR Connect.

We want to thank you all for your understanding of the magnitude of what we’re asking. Each form has been designed to be quick and (almost) painless to fill out, and is easily accessible from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to or call the chapter department at (801) 839-4357.

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