Recovery Month is Here!

Dear YPR Team Members,


it’s crunch time to get all the state and local proclamations you’ve been collecting (or are about to collect) posted to the Recovery Month website ( promote/proclamations)!

It’s very easy to submit these — just send them to and the terrific folks at SAMHSA will post them for you.
You can also post your upcoming event postings  directly at, And make sure to let us at National know of your events!
Additional breaking news: YPR has received its 501c3 determination letter from the IRS. For chapter leads and members who need to access a copy of the letter, please visit YPR Connect and download it from the Events and Fundraising Folder/Forms. Thank you to YPR Policy Director Doug Rudolph, YPR Treasurer Brandon Horton, Sean Donahue, Esq. and Morgan Lewis and Bockius, LLP for all their assistance!

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