Launch of new program initiatives

We having been working diligently within our programming division here at Young People in Recovery to develop new innovative programs and initiatives that will allow all of us to impact our communities in more meaningful ways.

Of course we have been now utilizing the “My Recovery is EPIC” program for over 24 months, and have sites within Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and soon to be New Jersey, New York, and California. We have also recently begun piloting Project AMP with the Center for Social Innovation in Georgia, Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

Our two newest programs are the Phoenix Program and Recovery Lynx.

Phoenix - Logo_small

Phoenix is designed to work within the criminal justice and reentry populations. You can read more about it by finding the about information in the files manager.


Recovery Lynx is a street outreach program that allows us to bring recovery supports and education to at-risk and non-traditional communities such as community colleges, inner-city neighborhoods, and vocational schools. You can find more information on the files manager portion of connect.

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