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Are you new to YPR? Check out the Chapter Development group for everything you need to get started!

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    1. Thanks for a wonderful experience in NY. We are very excited to get the ball rolling. My question is we have several recovery events coming up in our area and would like to have a flyer available to describe the YPR mission and set an interest meeting. I briefly looked over new chapter info and didn’t see any sort of template that could be modified. Do you have a suggestion or can you point out where I might look on connect? The first event is August 22nd and the second is August 29th. We would like to set a meeting for late September if possible.

      Thanks for your guidance!!
      Cindy Whyde
      YPR Plainfield, IN

  1. Thanks, Ann and the whole of YPR for helping our chapter in Arvada CO gain momentum. We are psyched and are actually performing a hands on training with YPR connect among members and supporters in our meeting as we speak!

  2. After yr long begging ..YPR will hold its first official meeting inside the juvenile correction facility I work at ….
    Im so excited to share all the great programs available to our kids

  3. I’m also new to YPR as the chapter lead in El Paso (west) TX, and I’m looking forward to getting things started here. Our community sorely needs something like this here. Any suggestions on getting things started here would be greatly appreciated!

  4. We are looking forward to this exciting time.. As a new and the only chapter in Montana, we’re open to any and all suggestions… we are hoping to have our first YPR Kickoff and interest meeting in mid march for our community.. we are in a small rural area and are hoping for a great turnout….

  5. Hi All,

    N Calif Chapter:
    Congratulations to all of you for taking up the challenge. You’re right, it is exciting to see what we can accomplish. What would help me is to get your thoughts on what is it reasonable to do in the 1st 6 months and then the 1st year. It will help me plan and not over reach with my expectations. I really want to make this chapter a success. Thanx for the benefit of your experience,

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